Udemy - How to create a psychology-backed landing page from scratch

Udemy - How to create a psychology-backed landing page from scratch
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The step-by-step, action-packed course to writing your own landing page copy that converts high & looks super profesh


Is writing your landing page giving you jitters or making your head spin?

I can imagine it can be really hard to put together a high-converting landing page.

Should you rope in a copywriter?
Or should you write the copy yourself?
How will you ensure that the copy is effective, succinct and makes a solid case for conversion?

Stringing all the pieces together, writing out a stack of different versions of the same headline, sweating over the cohesiveness in the copy and still not being sure what messaging will CLICK and strike the right chord.

And doing all that without breaking your screen, keyboard or your head...

I can relate. I have been there.

Of course that's challenging. So what if you could:

    Be super confident about flashing your landing page in the first go?
    Know with a great deal of clarity how to write messaging that really works?
    Know how to craft a sequence for your landing page that gets your prospects drawn in and hooked?
    Be sure about what'll get em clickin' your calls to action like a very obedient, much more mature 9 year old?

Well this is what this training is all about.

I help my clients that range from coaches to consultants to creators- with their copy - emails, landing pages, sales pages & even business letters.

This course is designed for YOU if you are a freelancer or a business owner headed for a launch or want to promote your existing product/service through your landing page.

I'll help you craft a landing page that has:

A Headline that grabs and keeps their attention
A sequence that gets people hooked to its hypnotic flow
Calls to action that make people feel an irresistible urge to click

So that you never again falter with your landing page or create something that bores the boots off your prospects and lacks inspiration!

Hey by the way we'll also study elevator pitches and copywriting forumulas during the course of this training so that you can create a pitch like this one for your own product/service.

Ready to kick overwhelm to the curb and set aside all the misinformation on the web to finish this action-oriented course in 2 flat hours?
Who is the target audience?

    Struggling with explaining your product/service well enough to convert visitors? You need this course
    Want to grow your list of subscribers? You need this course.
    Want to persuade your online visitors to take the action you want? YES! You need this course.
    Not sure what's causing your visitors to press the back button? You need this course.
    Planning to run ads to direct traffic to your landing page? You definitely need this course.
    You landing page converting like a MOFO and your visitors setting record attentions spans? You're advanced for this course.




















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