Sellfy eCommerce Widget for Adobe Muse

A wonderful and a simple widget to sell digital downloads directly on to your Adobe Muse site using our new Sellfy widget. Setup takes less than a minute and the widget integrates with the web’s best payment processing systems such as PayPal. And a secure 256-bit connection.

Disabler Widget for Adobe Muse

Disabler Widget for Adobe Muse is an awesome add-on for the websites. You can disable the Right Click, Scroll, Text Select and Scrollbars (Vertical and/or Horizontal Scrollbar). Also with the Right click disabled you can add a message to the user who right clicked. Securing the website from contents being copied.

ProBars - Animated Progress Bars for Adobe Muse

ProBars – Progress Bars for Adobe Muse. This is a awesome widget to create progress bars for your website. Its ease to use Option Panel makes everything happen just with few clicks and the fun part is, every element is customizable to suit your project or web theme.

Scrollr Custom Scrollbar for Adobe Muse

Scrollr – Adobe Muse Widget. Looking for custom scrollbars which can be matched to the theme of your website. If so, then Scrollr is here for you. Scrollr has tons of options which any other custom scrollbar widget doesn’t have. Scrollr is also very easy to setup and customize.

iFrame Pro Widget for Adobe Muse

iFrame Builder PRO is an amazing widget to embed any website in your Adobe Muse made website. Have a template to showcase in your website or have any related website showing besides your content. The widget is fully customizable, user & website friendly and is awesome.

Password Protect Widget for Adobe Muse

Have a Webpage to be Password Protected and display only when logged in with the password and/or with the account type. Password Protect for Adobe Muse is a security widget which enables you to lock certain page(s) from your website or any other website. The Widget has tons of options to use.

QR Code Generator for Adobe Muse

QR Code Generator for Adobe Muse is a wonderful widget for generating the QR Code directly into your adobe muse website. The widget also has options to change color, border, alt text. The widget can be used to generator QR code for a link or a simple text. People can just scan the code from any mobile or tablet device and get the information in the QR Code.

SoundCloud Widget Pro for Adobe Muse

SoundCloud Widget PRO is a Premium Adobe Muse Widget. The only widget you’ll ever need, to embed SoundCloud tracks onto your Adobe Muse Website. The Widget allows you to add SoundCloud Track/Playlist/User onto your Website. It can also be customized with theme color, Visual Album art player and many more. Use the Soundcloud widget to integrate artist’s songs directly into your website.

Disqus Comment System for Adobe Muse

Disqus Comment System – Adobe Muse Widget. If you know about the power of Disqus Comment System that is the power of this Widget as well. This widget lets you embed Disqus right onto your Muse Website, without having to do some serious coding.

Flickr Photo Stream for Adobe Muse

Flickr PhotoStream widget is super cool widget for Streaming your Flickr Photos directly to your Adobe Muse website. The widget has many options to customize it for your website, with customization like Margin, Padding, Latest or Random Photos, Use either a particular profile or use tag. There’s many things you can do with it.

Instagram Feed Pro Widget for Adobe Muse

Instagram Feed PRO is an awesome Adobe Muse widget for embedding instagram feed/photos onto your website with cool features. The widget can be customized for your needs and also if needed add a custom scrollbar to the widget.