PHP Scripts

Revolution Video Player With Bottom Playlist - YouTube/Vimeo/Self-Hosted Support

Revolution Video Player supports YouTube, Vimeo and Self-Hosted videos and is a top-notch responsive HTML5 plugin compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices.

SHOUT - HTML5 Radio Player With Ads - ShoutCast and IceCast Support

This radio player has the option to show the current playing song & artist or it can show ads.It will play ShoutCast and IceCast streams.

Enexero Coming Soon And Under Construction Script

Enexero Coming Soon & Under Construction Script is the best solution for your coming soon landing page. With the advanced admin panel there is no need for coding knowledge. You can control every things.

Robots.txt Builder - PHP Script

This script helps you build your robots.txt file providing 22 crawler options to better configure the crawling access to your website.

2-Step Authentication PHP Script

This is a simple yet secure login system that allows you to double protect any pages by requiring the user to not only enter a password but also a randomly generated code from an authenticator app which they only have access to once they have scanned their unique barcode.

Flat Player

Flat audio player is a audio player having all the functionalities of the usual audio player plus a great look and a great feel.

What Is My IP With Geolocation

A php script that shows the visitors ip address and google maps location.To use the google maps geolocation you need to obtain a google maps api key which can be obtained at this link. --Google maps api key---. The script can be used without google maps you just need to delete the api key from the text file. This script can be added to any webpage!

LiveTV - Online Video Streaming CMS

LiveTV offers a wide variety of features and amazing tools that will make your site look professional while reducing the time you need to spend to maintain. with our LiveTV Script You can create your own Online Tv Streaming Website. This Script included with all need to run an LiveTV Website. We also includeded FREE and PAID type subscription system, PayPal, One Click Video Play, Support Embedded & Streaming Code & more…..

Relaxoid - Soundboard Generator

This PHP app allows you to easily generate websites that allow you to play and mix relaxing sounds. Script allows you to add new sounds and icons for every sound. Front-end is minimal and only for

Loremipsum Generator Codeigniter Library

This library is intended to boost productivity and shorten the time need for templating websites or web apps. It generates placeholder text also known as loremipsum. The library has 21 functions to make generating placeholders fast and easy. Words database contains over 3300+ latin words. This makes it impossible to generate two same paragraphs or sentences making the placeholder text look realistic.

NexoPOS - Extendable PHP Point of Sale

NexoPOS is a web application designed using the PHP programming language. It uses several resources that allow it to provide useful features for any business wishing to create a point of sale. It is mainly based on CodeIgniter, but uses a development tool called Tendoo CMS.



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