Mobile App Templates & Source Code

Guide for - How to - Tips Application

“GUIDE FOR – HOW TO – TIPS” is an app who help you to create your own app content fast, for example you can create guide for any other popular apps like the guide for whatsapp, guide for GTA, guide for subway and… Also you can create an app to explain how to do something or how to use something, finally you can create app for tips like tips for fitness, tips for…., Really is very easy to use it.

Shape Split - Android Game Source Code

Inspired by classic games. Avoid obstacles raining down from the top of the screen as long as you can by splitting your character into two separate parts that you can control simultaneously. Shape Split is a native Android game that is built in Java using Android Studio and without any engine or external framework.

Fancy Ball - Buildbox Game Template

Simply tap to the right or left of  your screen to move. Collect as many coins as you can along the way to increase your score. Collect the diamonds to mark your checkpoints. If you fail, you will lose all the coins you have previously collected, but you may load from your last checkpoint. Set the high-score, be greedy, or don’t. You decide.

Healer - React Native App (Android/iOS)

Healer App Template – is a React Native Mobile app that works for Android and iPhone. Manage drugs, doctor, book appointment, search doctor & hopital, indicators, send and push notificaiton. This is fully functional app that you can publish on Google Play and App Store the same day. All the configuration is in one file only.

Tabbed App for iOS

The great thing about using a Tabbed Application is that each of the tabs can act as an app within an app, each one showing a drastically different set of tools and styles. The two initial tabs you set up will tabbed some of? the interface elements you haven’t seen yet, as well as use your device’s GPS function.

Elevator Challenge - iOS Xcode Game Source Code

It’s endless game. You need tap for change position of elevator. Dodge enemys and catch coins fro open new skins!

Toby's Adventures: Beach (appodeal ads)

Toby’s Adventures: Beach is Android game developed with Corona SDK. It is a platformer-puzzle game. Play as a dog named Toby, eat cakes and ice creams in the correct order to finish the level. Break some bricks to find hidden candies. Avoid jumping monsters and snakes on your way. Eating candies can make you slower or faster. You have 40 seconds to finish a level. Are you ready for a summer adventure?

Barriers Escape - Buildbox Game Template

Barriers Escape is a fun endless action arcade game, like no other. The rules are simple. Tap to avoid colliding barriers and deadly obstacles. Grab as many crazy power-ups as possible. And whatever you do, don’t get hit!

QR Bar Reader Pro - Android App Template

Scan, and Read Bar code, even Data matrix, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39 or 93 or 128, EAN-8, Aztec, EAN-13, Codabar, PDF 417, ITF, RSS-14, RSS-Expanded.

Ninja Game Character

2D Game Character Sprite Sheets. This assets is for developers who want to create their mobile game apps for IOS and Android games and need Game Character Spritesheets for their projects. Best assets for game Like: Shooting game, Running Game,Platform Game, and more side Scrolling games.

Maestro - Ionic E-Commerce Template

Maestro - A Complete E-Commerce App Infrastructure. This template provides a complete user journey for an e-commerce app- from product listing, offer showcase to login, signup, payment and user profile.



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