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Flash FLA, ActionScript AS, XML Files, HTML Files | Resizable | 2.79 Mb


A Customisable Quiz Game by Tweaks Games. Add your own questions and use images, sounds and video to bring them to life.
What’s your quiz? The possibilities are endless.
hot sellersFeatures List

    Simple to re-brand and customize with your own graphics and sounds
    Fast and lightweight, built with Flash & AS3
    Re-size to fit your website
    Fun and addictive games keep your visitors coming back
    Customize everything!
    Add your own inter-level messages
    Hide or show any game object
    Add a new background images
    Use a custom image for any object e.g. buttons, scoreboard icon, sound icon, clock
    Alter the logo
    Add your own sound effects
    Adjust any and all object colors
    Adjust the fonts used
    Add your own instructions
    Supports video, image, audio and text only questions
    PHP driven High Scores Board
    Load YouTube video
    Load external images (from websites other than your own) as clues
    Multiple Quiz Selector
    Random Shuffle the questions and/ select number of questions
    Use Keyboard Events instead of the mouse
    Supports Test Style Quiz’s
    3 Game modes: (or use in combination)
    Play to beat the clock
    High score
    Lose lives game
    Pop up Quiz Master!
    This game allows for unlimited levels




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