Exclusive FlipBook - ActiveDen Item for Sale

ActiveDen - Exclusive FlipBook 70980
XML Flash, AS 2.0 | Update 8 – 7.X.2011 | 47.4 Mb


professional design
fast loading ( first loads the current page )
deep linking
you can load the any background (swf file,jpg ,png,flv …. etc – change in xml file )
smoothing for background
you can change page book size in xml file
you can add big photographs of two pages (no need to crop)
you can add unlimited pages in xml file
player mp3
you can mute mp3 player for the page
you can add unlimited mp3
nice animation icons,
you can disable / enable the numbers pages of globally or locally
smoothing for pages ( locally or globally)
you can load jpg,png and swf file
you can change all colors book in xml file
ActionScript 2.0
auto scale to the size of the browser
contact form with PHP
view all pages ( automatic generate thumbs)
download zip
printing pages
zoom book ( zoom in, zoom out, zoom 1:1 ,zoom optimal)
logo and logo redirect
full screen button
you can turn off the shadows of the middle for big image
four corners enabled
keyboard support ( next and prev page )
nice shadows
you can easily load for your project (atachment example – “load_book.fla” )



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