C++ Multithreading Cookbook (PDF)

Milos Ljumovic, "C++ Multithreading Cookbook"
English | ISBN: 1783289791 | 2014 | 422 pages | PDF | 3 MB

Over 60 recipes to help you create ultra-fast multithreaded applications using C++ with rules, guidelines, and best practices
Create multithreaded applications using the power of C++
Upgrade your applications with parallel execution in easy-to-understand steps
Stay up to date with new Windows 8 concurrent tasks
Avoid classical synchronization problems
Understand Windows API and concurrent execution
What you will learn from this book
Use an object-oriented programming model with inheritance, overloading, and polymorphism
Solve common Interprocess Communication problems and avoid deadlocks or starvation problems in your application development
Manage threads efficiently using the CThread class
Explore .NET CLI/C++ features as well as synchronization objects and techniques
Make use of parallel techniques in code design
Use machine resources in concurrent execution
Enable programs to work with each other using Message Passing
Avoid classic synchronization problems
In Detail

Creating multithreaded applications is a present-day approach towards programming. With the power of C++, you can easily create various types of applications and perform parallelism and optimizations in your existing work. This book is a practical, powerful, and easy-to-understand guide to C++ multithreading. You will learn how to benefit from the multithreaded approach and enhance your development skills to build better applications. This book will not only help you avoid problems when creating parallel code, but also help you to understand synchronization techniques. The end goal of the book will be to impart various multithreading concepts that will enable you to do parallel computing and concurrent programming quickly and efficiently.



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