Putih | Clean Personal Tumblr Theme

Putih is Clean, minimal blogging theme that is perfect for photography blogger and podcaster. Packed with over 80 customize options, it is easy to give your blog a personal look.

Gallery - Responsive Fullscreen Grid Theme

A full width grid Tumblr theme. With over 40 customize options, the template enables you to give your blog a much more personal design.

ThemeForest - Metro - Responsive Grid Tumblr Theme

A responsive grid Tumblr theme built with over 60 customize options. Metro is responsive, so check out the preview on your phone or tablet!

ThemeForest - Paradis - A Minimalistic Grid Theme

Responsive and fully customizable with a heavy focus on typography and readability. Paradis is a quality magazine theme for bloggers that focuses on both images and text.

ThemeForest - Melancholy - Minimal Fullscreen Theme

Melancholy is a classic and stylish Tumblr theme, built with over 50 customize options. Melancholy is responsive, so check out the preview on your phone or tablet!

ThemeForest - Hogwood - Responsive Content Focus Theme

Hogwood is a clean and responsive one column tumblr theme built with extreme customizability. Content size can be adjusted from 500 to 900 pixels wide, sidebar position can be adjusted as well.

ThemeForest - Prospekt - Responsive Sidebar Theme

A gallery style Tumblr theme with a sleek sidebar, with over 50 customize options. Prospekt allows you to highlight a post by tagging it with “large”.

ThemeForest - Florence - Responsive Gallery Theme

A slick and modern gallery style tumblr theme. Responsive, and completely customizable.

ThemeForest - Barron - Content Focus Tumblr Theme

Barron is a content focused Tumblr theme that is responsive and built with a parallax cover. Barron includes a wide array of of customizable features, including optional sticked topbar, overall color adjustment and font options.

hemeForest - Raymond - Single Column Sidebar Theme

Raymond is a single column sidebar Tumblr theme. The content focused layout is especially designed for photographers and writers.

ThemeForest - Boscona - Minimal One Column Theme

A minimalistic single column tumblr theme built for photographers and writers. It’s packed with an array of customize options; more importantly, the content width can be adjusted and you can choose between two different header styles.



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